Our Beloved Kin: Remapping A New History of King Philip's War

Chapter Seven

The Captive’s Lament: Re-interpreting Rowlandson’s Narrative

From this page, you can view all the media associated with Chapter Seven of Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip's War.  View a full color map of Mary Rowlandson's Removes above, or by clicking the link below, under "Maps." You may also open the interactive story map of Mary Rowlandson's narrative. Click on the links under "Documents" to view images of original manuscripts. Click on the link under "Connections" to navigate to "The Captive's Lament" path, which highlights contemporary images of the places through which Rowlandson and Weetamoo traveled, alongside other related media in historical and geographical context.


Mary Rowlandson's Removes (Map 12)
Mary Rowlandson's Narrative: Interactive Story Map
Hoosic and Northern Networks (Map 13)


Noah Newman Letter, March 1676: "Thou Englishman..."
Job Kattenanit's Petition


The Captive's Lament

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