Our Beloved Kin: Remapping A New History of King Philip's War

Chapter Five

The Printer’s Revolt: A Narrative of the Captivity of James the Printer

From this page, you can view all the media associated with Chapter Five of Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip's War. Click on the links under "Maps" to get immediate access to the full color maps created for this chapter. Click on the links under "Documents" to view images of primary documents. Click on the links under "Connections" to view these maps and documents in historical and geographical context, alongside contemporary images of places and other related media.


Hassanamesit and the mission communities (Map 5)
Nipmuc and surrounding homelands, highlighting places in Chapter Five
Kwinitekw: the Long River


1668 Covenant
Deer Island Order
 (page 1)
Deer Island Order (page 2) 


Hassanamesit and the "Praying Towns," 1674
Covenant between Massachusetts Colony & the Nipmuc “Praying Towns,” 1668
Printer's Revolt Map: Nipmuc and neighboring territories, 1675 
Menimesit and Quaboag, 1675
Connecticut River Valley, 1675 Path 
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