Our Beloved Kin: Remapping A New History of King Philip's War

Chapter One

Namumpum, “Our Beloved Kinswoman,” Saunkskwa of Pocasset: Bonds, Acts, Deeds

From this page, you can view all the media associated with Chapter One of Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip's War. Click on the links under "Maps" to get immediate access to the full color maps created for this chapter. Click on the links under "Documents" to view images of original manuscripts. Click on the links under "Connections" to view these maps and documents in historical and geographical context, alongside contemporary images of places and other related media.


Pocasset and Pokanoket, highlighting places in chapter 1 (Map 3)
Pocasset to Patuxet (Map 4) 
Pocasset, Pokanoket, and Nemasket Territories
Place Names of Rhode Island
A Close View of Assonet


Nonaquaket deed, 1651
Wamsutta deed of 1657
Weetamoo deed of 1659
Assonet Neck historical map
Piowant deed of 1673

Connections (Media in Context)

“Our Beloved Kinswoman”: the “Indian Deed” at Nonaquaket, 1651
Pocasset and Pokanoket Placenames, Wampanoag Country
“I, Namumpum”: The “Freemen’s Deed” at Assonet/Pocasset, 1659
The Road to Plymouth/Patuxet
Another Queen’s Right: Quaiapin and the Atherton Deeds​
Assonet: “One of ye most considerable Seats of the Indians in this Part of ye World”
Coercion and Consent in the Dartmouth Deeds

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