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Native New England Authors

A brief list of authors from Native nations in New England

Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries

William Apess, Pequot
Collected Works: On Our Own Ground, ed. Barry O’Connell (1992)

Hendrick Aupaumut, Mahican
“A Narrative of an Embassy to the Western Indians,” (circa 1791), Pennsylvania Historical Society Memoirs 2:61-131 (1827)
“History of the Muh-he-con-nuk Indians” (circa 1790), Stockbridge Past and Present, Electa F. Jones (1854), 14-23
Thomas Commuck, Narragansett, Indian Melodies (1845)

Paul Cuffe, Wampanoag 
Narrative of the life and adventures of Paul Cuffe, a Pequot Indian: during thirty years spent at sea, and in travelling in foreign lands (1839)

Joseph Johnson, Mohegan
Collected Writings: To Do Good to My Indian Brethren. Ed. Laura Murray (1998)

Joseph Laurent, Abenaki
New Familiar Abenaki and English Dialogues (1885)

Joseph Nicolar, Penobscot,
The Life and Traditions of the Red Man (1893)

Samson Occom, Mohegan
A Sermon Preached at the Execution of Moses Paul, an Indian; Who was Executed at New-Haven, on the Second of September, 1772 (1772)
Collected Works: The Collected Writings of Samson Occom, Mohegan, ed. Joanna Brooks (2006)

Contemporary authors

Joan Tavares Avant, Mashpee Wampanoag
People of the First Light (2010)
Alice Azure, Mi’kmaq
Hunger Feast (2018)
In Mi’kmaq Country: Selected Poems and Stories (2007)
Jaime Battiste, Mi’kmaq
Honouring 400 Years Kepmite'tmnej (2010)

Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki
Hidden Roots (2011), Roots of Survival: Native American Storytelling and the Sacred (1996) Ndakinna (Our Land): New and Selected Poems (2003)
No Borders. Holy Cow Press, 1998.
Margaret Bruchac, Abenaki
Malian's Song (Vermont Folklife Center, 2006)
Dreaming Again: Algonkian Poetry (2012)
Carol Dana (pipikwass), Penobscot.
When No One Is Looking (2010)
Return to Spirit and Other Musings (2014)
Stephanie Fielding, Mohegan
Seven Cities and Other Journeys, Bowman Books, 2014.
Rae Gould, Nipmuc
“Cultural Practice and Authenticity: The Search for Real Indians in New England in the ‘Historical’ Period” in The Death of “Prehistory, Peter Schmidt and Stephen Mrozowski, eds. (Oxford University Press, 2013)
“The Nipmuc Nation, Federal Acknowledgment, and a Case of Mistaken Identity,” Recognition, Sovereignty Struggles, and Indigenous Rights in the United States: A Sourcebook, Jean O’Brien and Amy E. Den Ouden, eds. (University of North Carolina Press, 2013).

John Christian Hopkins, Narragansett
Carlomagno: Adventures of the Pirate Prince of the Wampanoag (2013)
Rhyme or Reason: Narragansett Poetry (2013)
Writer on the Storm: a Collection of Columns (2014)
Rita Joe, Mi’kmaq
Poems of Rita Joe (1978)
Song of Eskasoni: More Poems of Rita Joe (1989)
Lnu and Indians We’re Called (1991)
Song of Rita Joe: Autobiography of a Mi'kmaq Poet (1996)
Donna Loring, Penobscot
In the Shadow of the Eagle (2008)
Larry Spotted Crow Mann, Nipmuc
Tales from the Whispering Basket (2011)
The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving (2014)
Drumming and Dreaming (2018)
Helen Manning, Aquinnah Wampanoag 
Moshup’s Footsteps (2001)
Earl Mills, Mashpee Wampanoag
Son of Mashpee (2006)
Talking with the Elders of Mashpee: Memories of Earl H. Mills, Sr. (2012)
Sherri Mitchell, Penobscot
Sacred Instructions (2018)
Daniel Paul, Mi’kmaq
We Were Not the Savages: A Mi’kmaq Perspective on the Collision between European and Native American Civilizations (2006)
Mihku Paul, Maliseet
20th Century PowWow Playland (2012)
Mwalim, Wampanoag
A Mixed Medicine Bag (2007)
Trudy Ann Parker, Abenaki
Aunt Sarah Woman of the Dawnland (1994)
Paula Peters, Mashpee Wampanoag,
Mashpee Nine: A Story of Cultural Justice (2016)

Robert Peters, Mashpee Wampanoag
Da Goodie Monsta (2009)
Russell Peters, Mashpee Wampanoag
Clambake: A Wampanoag Traditions (1992)

Suzanne Rancourt, Abenaki
Billboard in the Clouds (2004)
Cheryl Savageau, Abenaki
Dirt Road Home (1995)
Mother/Land (2006)
Muskrat Will Be Swimming (2006)
Florence Nicola Shay, Penobscot
History of the Penobscot Tribe of Indians (1933)
Allen Sockabasin, Passamaquoddy
An Upriver Passamaquoddy (2007)
Thanks to the Animals (2005)
Donald Soctomah, Passamaquoddy
Passamaquoddy at the turn of the century 1890-1920: Tribal life and times in Maine and New Brunswick (2002)
Hard Times At Passamaquoddy 1921 - 1950 Tribal Life And Times In Maine and New Brunswick (2003)
Remember Me: Tomah Joseph's Gift to Franklin Roosevelt (2009)
Ssipsis, Penobscot
Molly Molasses and Me: A Collection of Living Adventures (1990)
Prayers, Poems, and Pathways (2007)
Gladys Tantaquidgeon, Mohegan
Folk Medicine of the Delaware & Related Algonkian Indians (2000)
Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel, Mohegan
The Lasting of the Mohegans (1995)
Medicine Trail: The Life and Lessons of Gladys Tantaquidgeon (2000)
Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel, Wabanaki Blues (2015)
Snowy Strangeways (2018)  http://www.melissatantaquidgeonzobel.com
Jannette Vanderhoop, Aquinnah Wampanoag
Cranberry Day: A Wampanoag Harvest Celebration (2002)