Our Beloved Kin: Remapping A New History of King Philip's War

Hoosic and Northern Networks

In their accounts of their mid-winter journey to Menimesit,  James Quananopohit and Job Kattenanit revealed to the Massachusetts colonial government that Metacom had traveled into Indigenous territories beyond the New England colonies, pursuing diplomacy in Muhheakunnuk (Mohican) territory, and sending messages to the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) and Wabanaki people to the west and north.

In traveling to Hoosic, Metacom and his delegation entered a wide northern network of trails and territories, which was largely inaccessible to New England settlers. Metacom sought alliance and support through the Mohicans at Hoosic. At the same time, the New England colonies sought influence on the Mohawks through the English at Albany, but this was a tense diplomatic relationship. In the eighth "remove," Mary Rowlandson expressed her desire that Native leaders might carry her to Albany for trade. Instead, they traveled further up the Connecticut River, deeper into Sokoki country and Wabanaki.


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